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We are celebrating successes in the fields of science and research. We are developing new technologies and materials, finding novel solutions and improving existing ones.


The Regional Technological Institute (RTI) is a modern engineering and technology research centre of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of West Bohemia. It was built thanks to funding from the European Regional Development Fund - from Priority Axis 2: "Regional R&D Centres" of the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation. The laboratories, testing rooms and workplaces currently employ almost 120 researchers who have access to the latest experimental, software and computer technology for designing, modelling, calculations, simulations, measurements, analyses and prototype production.

We are engaged in both basic and, above all, applied and experimental research in the fields of vehicle design, production machines, machining and forming technologies as well as the modern production methods of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. We have been involved in more than 100 projects. Thanks to our long tradition, we have established successful partnerships with universities, research institutions and companies not only in the Czech Republic but also worldwide.

The activities of the RTI Research Centre are carried out in 6 research programmes specialising in computer simulations of the entire product life cycle, additive manufacturing (3D printing), research and development of modern vehicle designs including their drive systems, research and development of production machines including their modernisation, research and development of forming technologies and machining technologies.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and RTI also have a certified quality management system for "Education, research and development in the field of mechanical engineering including applications in industrial practice".

RTI also has an accredited Mechanical Testing Laboratory and a Workshop Metrology Laboratory.

Akreditace 2023